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Will Rogers World Airport Terminal Expansion Project

Oklahoma City Airport Trust Approves FSB’s Design Plans OKLAHOMA CITY
(September 2016) An updated (from September 2015) schematic design plan for the expansion of the airport terminal was presented to the Oklahoma City Airport Trust. The terminal expansion will include a new streamlined security checkpoint, a public circulation area with views of airline operations, increased shopping and dining amenities, space for future international air service and other high-tech enhancements. The expansion project is driven by the need for more capacity in the terminal. 

Passenger Facility Charge Public Notification
The Oklahoma City Airport Trust intends to submit a new Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) application for projects at Will Rogers World Airport.
Pursuant to Section 158.24(b) of the PFC regulations, this notice of opportunity for public comment provides:
- Project descriptions
- Project justifications
- PFC level
- PFC revenue to be collected
- Proposed effective and expirations dates
- Contact information

Passenger Facility Charge Public Notification

Read more about the project here.

Plans and conceptual renderings for the Terminal Expansion Project.

Passenger Facility Charge Public Notification
By:Oklahoma City Dept. of Airports
Terminal Expansion Solicitation
By:Eric J. Wenger, P.E., Director
WRWA - Terminal Expansion Info Packet