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Will Rogers World Airport Terminal Expansion Project

Oklahoma City Airport Trust Approves FSB’s Design Plans OKLAHOMA CITY
(September 2016) An updated (from September 2015) schematic design plan for the expansion of the airport terminal was presented to the Oklahoma City Airport Trust. The terminal expansion will include a new streamlined security checkpoint, a public circulation area with views of airline operations, increased shopping and dining amenities, space for future international air service and other high-tech enhancements. The expansion project is driven by the need for more capacity in the terminal. 

Passenger Facility Charge Public Notification
The Oklahoma City Airport Trust intends to submit a new Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) application for projects at Will Rogers World Airport.
Pursuant to Section 158.24(b) of the PFC regulations, this notice of opportunity for public comment provides:
- Project descriptions
- Project justifications
- PFC level
- PFC revenue to be collected
- Proposed effective and expirations dates
- Contact information

Passenger Facility Charge Public Notification

Read more about the project here.

Plans and conceptual renderings for the Terminal Expansion Project.

Lariat Landing

The Oklahoma City Department of Airports and the Oklahoma City Airport Trust has designated approximately 1,000 acres at Will Rogers World Airport for multi-use, multi-industry, business development.  The development area, located on the east side of the airport property, will complement the airport’s core business of operating a first class transportation facility. 

The program provides developers with large, combinable plats of land that work for a variety of businesses and industries.  Located southwest of downtown Oklahoma City, the airport provides direct, easy access to three major Interstates – I35, I40 and I44.  The airport encompasses Oklahoma City's Foreign Trade Zone, providing cargo logistics and tariff-related advantages for companies who trade internationally.  

The program has designated three primary areas of development. 

Few developments in the United States have such desirable access to runways, taxiways and ramps.  Corporate aviation, logistics, air cargo and aviation manufacturing will find these locations perfect for airside and landside needs.

For businesses that do not need direct access to the airfield but complement direct aviation businesses, this area provides easy interstate access and multiple combinable plats of land.  Perfect for freight forwarding and warehousing operations, aircraft parts manufacturing plants, engine repair or parts depots.

With excellent interstate visibility this area is perfect for office campuses, hotels, and retail outlets.

For more information regarding the opportunities for development at Will Rogers World Airport contact: Pam Newell, Land and Property Administrator at 405-316-3266.

Parking Garages A and B Improvement Project

A $3.8 million maintenance project to rehabilitate and repair two of three parking garages is underway at Will Rogers World Airport.  The project will make improvements to garages A and B:
• Garage A is the two-story garage.  The upper level provides hourly parking for the airport’s short-term visitors.  The lower level services the “ready-return” spaces for the rental car agencies.
• Parking Garage B, adjacent to A, is the older of the two, five-level parking structures and provides covered parking for air travelers.  Garage C, the new parking garage which opened in 2009, will not be impacted.

Nearing middle age, (Garage A is 44 years old and Garage B is 31 years old,) the structures will undergo rehabilitation, repairs and upgrades that will extend the long-term use of the facilities.  The work will include:
• Repair of concrete walls and pillars, specifically where there are cracks or spalling (chips of concrete that have broken off) and other deterioration
• Replacement or repair of exterior stairs
• Replacement and upgrade of all lighting circuits
• Replacement and upgrade of all lighting fixtures
• The top levels of each garage will receive new expansion joints, membrane coating, waterproofing and protectant to prevent leaking

The project will be divided into 12 sequences allowing the airport to keep as much of the garages open as possible.  Most of the sequences will only require closing about 300 spaces at a time, leaving approximately 2,500 of the 2,800 total spaces in the two five-story garages available for parking. 

The most challenging portion of the project will be when the work commences on the two-story parking garage.  During this sequencing, hourly parking and rental car companies will be moved to temporary locations in Garage B and C.

While most of the work seems a bit mundane, it is work that is critical to maintaining the long-term usability of the building.  The most visible improvement for customers will be the new LED light fixtures.  The new lighting will use one-third less energy and have longer life, but more importantly for customers, it will provide brighter light throughout the garages.

Areas under construction will be fenced off for the safety of customers and vehicles.  Directional signage will be placed throughout the garage to assist in guiding people.  Additional parking personnel will be patrolling the garages to assist parkers with directions or questions.  When needed, the overhead signage on Terminal Drive will be changed to direct people to the right lanes and entrances. 

Project work will start in the five-level Garage B on levels one and two.  The entire project is anticipated to take 18 months.

The Paradies Shops Begins Renovation/Expansion Projects

Beginning Thursday, September 8, The Paradies Shops, the concessionaire that operates the newsstand, gift and specialty retail stores at Will Rogers World Airport, will begin a $1.7 million renovation and expansion project that will feature an exciting new group of shops.

National airport retailer The Paradies Shops and their Oklahoma retail partner Kambers Gifts and Luggage was awarded the contract with the Oklahoma City Airport Trust through a formal request for proposal process last spring.  As a result of this award Paradies-Kambers, LLC will completely remodel and rebrand four of their existing stores and add one completely new location.

When the stores reopen in late November, airport visitors can look forward to these new concepts:

• POPS East and West - Inspired by the newest, coolest landmark along historic Route 66, Will Rogers World Airport will now give visitors a sneak peak to this uniquely Oklahoma destination.  The WRWA storefronts will feature scaled-down replicas of the signature soda bottle that is so identifiable with the restaurant and soda shop.  A broad assortment of products will be featured including newspapers, magazine, books, convenience items, souvenirs and of course, the #1 signature product – soda pop.

• InMotion Entertainment - A new concept at Will Rogers World Airport, InMotion will provide business and leisure travelers with the most up- to-date digitally equipped devices, along with InMotion’s trademarked PlayPoint digital download stations. Customers will be invited to explore and try the latest “gadgets” creating a shopping experience as entertaining as the products themselves.

• EA Sports Experience - EA Sports, one of the world’s most innovative and interactive global brands, will offer the travelers at WRWA a one-of-a-kind interactive sports experience. EA Sports will allow every customer the chance to “Step on the Field of Play.”  Gamers and non-gamers alike will find the latest EA Sports officially licensed apparel from the teams that make Oklahoma City great, including The Thunder, Sooners and Cowboys, as well as the entire Big XII roster.

• Brighton Collectibles – An already popular specialty store at WRWA, Brighton will be expanded and redesigned.  From rich, cherry millwork and warm faux limestone walls to the 
one-of-a-kind mosaic embedded in the entrance floor, everything about the store will be gracious and inviting.  Products will include Brighton’s exquisite collection of accessories including handbags, leather goods, watches, fragrances, jewelry, home accessories and more.

• Bricktown Square – Bricktown, one of Oklahoma City’s most exciting destinations will be brought to life at WRWA.  This engaging location has been designed with the original and historic location in mind, providing an entertaining assortment of souvenirs and merchandise from the area’s most famous local attractions including local apparel and gear, giftware and edibles.

All of the new stores will feature state-of-the-art designs that are customer-friendly, well lit, and planned with wide aisles that allow travelers to purchase products in a pleasing and accessible environment.

The existing stores that will be closed for renovation are: TravelMart East and West, the Big 12 Shop, Brighton/PGA, and Oklahoma Marketplace.  During construction, the retailer will operate from temporary kiosks located in front of the existing stores so that travelers will still have access to convenience and specialty items.  Construction is anticipated to be complete in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.

The airports two newsstands, CNBC News and CNBC News Express, will not be re-themed.  Both stores have recently been updated with new lighting, fixtures, plasma screens and signage. 


Atlantic Aviation is proud to call Will Rogers World Airport home to it’s newest facility and first ever greenfield project.  Atlantic broke ground on the project August 2010 and opened for business in June 2011.

The new facility comprises a 28,000 square foot corporate hangar and a 12,000 square foot terminal building including first class executive passenger amenities, corporate pilot lounge, and multiple conference rooms.

Atlantic has entered into a 30 year lease for 15 prime acres with The Oklahoma City Airport Trust.  The acreage is located on the east side of the airfield adjacent to runway 17L/35R and conveniently located off I-44 and SW 54th Street on Portland Ave.

OKC is the preferred choice for downtown corporate, sports, and entertainment destinations.  The new facility reflects Atlantic’s continued commitment to providing its customers with great amenities at highly desirable locations.  For more information about Atlantic Aviation OKC please contact (405) 787-4043.

Atlantic Aviation is headquartered in Plano, Texas and provides a wide range of aviation service, including the largest network of fixed base operations in the U.S. and a dedicated concierge service for general aviation aircraft owners and pilots across the United States.

More information about Atlantic Aviation can be found at www.atlanticaviation.com


The A-GIS project is an initiative of the FAA to create a nationwide electronic Airport Layout Plan (ALP) using Geographic Information System (GIS) technology.  Will Rogers World Airport is one of five airports chosen for the pilot project phase of this initiative.  The project consists of three parts: (1) obtaining high resolution aerial photography of the airport; (2) performing an accurate, detailed survey of the airport; and (3) digitizing all relevant airport features along with inputting attributes to describe the features.  The exact procedures needed to complete these phases are defined by FAA Advisory Circulars, AC 150/5300-16, -17, and -18.

Will Rogers World Airport is well on its way to completing this project.  After applying for and obtaining a federal grant for the work, Jacob’s Engineering was selected as the primary consultant.  In August of 2010, after a three month delay waiting for ideal weather, the aerial photography mission was flown by Aerial Data Services, providing up to 3” pixel resolution imagery.  In November and December of 2010, survey control points were established using Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS.  Runway centerline and Navigational Aid surveys were also performed.

Currently, Martinez Geospatial, partnered with Jacob’s Engineering, is busy with ortho-rectification of the aerial imagery and digitizing of surface features of the airport.  Orthorectification will reference the Will Rogers World Airport data and all other airports to a real world coordinate system that will allow airports and air traffic to be monitored and managed under the FAA’s Next Generation Air Transportation System.  In addition, the detailed and accurate data will provide each airport with GIS data tools to better manage their assets and plan for long range growth.