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Active Loading Zone Enforcement

July 16, 2019
Loading only zones

OKLAHOMA CITY, July 16, 2019 – Drivers coming to Will Rogers World Airport should be aware that they risk receiving a ticket if they park their vehicle, wait in their vehicle or leave their vehicle unattended in the active loading zones in front of the terminal building. Airport officials have asked OKC Police personnel to strictly enforce the City of Oklahoma City ordinance governing these pick-up and drop-off lanes. Airport officials warn that drivers who ignore the posted active loading signs are likely to receive a citation.

Active loading means, if persons are not at the curbside ready to get in or out of the vehicle, the driver can receive a ticket for waiting or stopping in the curbside lanes. When drivers wait or park in these lanes, traffic congestion occurs. This quickly creates a security and safety risk. Furthermore, drivers who choose to then leave their vehicle unattended will not only be ticketed, they can potentially be towed.

This is not a new rule at the airport. Since 9/11, leaving a car unattended or waiting in front of the terminal has been prohibited. It seems that more and more drivers are forgetting this and parking in front of the building to wait on their passengers or leaving their vehicle to go inside. Too often, this forces other passengers to have to load or unload in active driving lanes.

For those who would like to avoid the curbside congestion and the potential to receive a citation, the airport encourages drivers to take advantage of the Hourly Garage. Parking stays of less than an hour in the Hourly Garage are free. Drivers can also use the Cell Phone Lot. If using this lot, drivers should wait until their passenger calls from the baggage claim curbside. That is the point when they should approach the terminal to pick up their passenger.