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Airport Accessibility

Passengers with Disabilities

Will Rogers World Airport is committed to providing accessible facilities to all users.  The information below will help familiarize you with the terminal building and available services.

Curbside Assistance at the Terminal

ADA assistance can be arranged by calling the airline on which you are flying prior to your trip. Click here for the airline phone numbers.Once at the airport, if the airline does not have a representative at the curb, call the airline on which you flying.  Below are the numbers of each airline:

Alaska  800-654-5669
Allegiant 702-505-8888
American  817-967-2000
Delta  800-335-8241
Frontier  405-415-4680
Southwest 800-435-9792
United  800-864-8331

If you are unable to reach someone with the airline, call information at 405-316-3269 or 405-297-1184 to have a page made for the airline.

The Ordinances of the City of Oklahoma City prohibits curbside parking. Any vehicle parked to left unattended at terminal curbs may be ticketed and towed.  Curbs are only to be used for active loading and unloading.  A separate assistant and driver are recommended when picking up or dropping off disabled travelers.

All WRWA parking facilities have designated accessible parking spaces.  In the parking garage, accessible spaces are located on every floor, next to the elevators. The elevators will take you to a climate-controlled tunnel that connects to the terminal building. There are no van accessible spaces available in the parking garages due to a height restriction of 6’8”. Van accessible parking is available in all of our shuttle parking lots.

Find van accessible spaces in shuttle lots #1, #2 and #3. Spaces are located next to shuttle bus pickup shelters. Shuttle lot parking is less expensive than garage parking and is served by wheelchair accessible shuttle buses. Should a shuttle's assistance equipment malfunction, the bus driver will immediately call for another wheelchair accessible shuttle to come to that station. The shuttle bus will drop you off on the ticketing level of the terminal building. Pickup is in the Transportation Plaza, located on the baggage claim level, under the "Airport Parking" sign.

Should you have any questions or concerns prior to your trip, you can contact the parking office at 405-316-3250.

Maximum vehicle height:
Garage A: 6’8”
Garage B: 6’8” Note:  Height is only 6'5" on the up ramp from level 4 to level 5.
Garage C: 6’8”
Lot #3 – Canopy parking: 10”
Over-height or over-sized vehicles should Lot 2

Rental Car Buses
The WRWA Rental Car Facility is located just minutes from the terminal building.  Access to and from the facility is via shuttle bus.  The buses are solid blue with identifying text.  The buses arrive and depart from the terminal building at the east end of the ground transportation plaza.  Pickup and dropoff at the rental car facility is in front of the customer service building.  All buses are wheelchair accessible with kneel-down capability. Customer service personnel are available at the Rental Car Facility.

Public Transportation
Embark Plus Paratransit Service is an extended service of the City of Oklahoma City's public bus system and is available to travelers who meet ADA eligibility requirements. There is an application process for the service. Applications must be received no less than 7 days prior to arrival at the airport. More information about Embark Pluc is available by calling 405-235-7433 (weekdays, 8am to 5pm (CT)) or by visiting

Uber, Lyft, Taxi & Shuttle Transportation
Uber, Lyft, Taxis & Shuttles have separate pick-up locations at Will Rogers World Airport. Uber and Lyft, known as Transportation Network Companies (TNC), have a designated pick-up area on the upper level of the terminal, outside of the United Airlines ticket counter. Taxis and Shuttles pick-up on the lower level of the terminal, outside of baggage claim, in the first lane of the transportation plaza. 

All high-traffic areas of the airport are wheelchair-accessible by elevators, including the ticketing, baggage claim and tunnel levels. Elevators are located near each escalator.

All public restrooms and family restrooms are wheelchair-accessible and located throughout terminal building.

Service Animal Relief Areas
WRWA has two animal relief areas.  One relief area is located pre-security, across the street from the terminal on the East side on Level 1 in the Transportation Plaza.  It has a grassy area and includes special waste receptacles and disposal bags.  The second is located inside the terminal past the security checkpoints.  It is located near Gate 18 in the center of the concourse.  The area is wheelchair accessible and includes disposable bags and a sink for hand-washing.