OKC night sky with airplane


Iron Feathers Sulpture

Iron Feathers, 1990

Rand Elliott - Architect, AIA

Steel – 70’ (tallest arrow), 22’ feathers, 11” arrow shafts, 10,000 lbs. (each arrow)

Funded by Oklahoma City Downtown Rotary Club 29, with assistance from their community partners, and designed by club member Rand Elliott. Iron Feathers is displayed on the west side of northbound Terminal Drive, just south of the Quality Inn on airport property.

Intended to always remind travelers and visitors of our Native American roots, Iron Feathers represents the strength, integrity and larger-than-life efforts that have formed Oklahoma. The four monumental arrows, along with the colors that adorn each shaft, represent the four seasons of the year and the four cardinal directions. The rusting steel, reflecting our red Oklahoma earth, symbolizes wisdom with age.