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New Accessibility Program Launches at Will Rogers World Airport

March 11, 2024

Will Rogers World Airport (OKC) is proud to partner with the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program to make OKC more accessible for travelers.

Not all disabilities are visible – some are not immediately obvious, such as autism, anxiety, epilepsy, long covid, lupus and more. The Airport’s new program is for passengers who are living with a hidden disability and can request a branded lanyard to inform all airport personnel that they may need some extra time or in some cases, extra help. 

“We are excited to launch the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program,” Will Rogers World Airport Acting Assistant Director Tara Summerlin said. “We recognize not all disabilities are visible. By offering this program to our passengers, they can voluntarily share their hidden disability, and Airport employees will provide them with the needed customer service based on their hidden disability.”

Hidden Disabilities Program

Globally 1 in 6 people live with a disability. That is approximately 1.3 billion people. But, while some experience a visible disability, many have a non-visible condition or experience a combination of both visible and non-visible conditions. These disabilities can be temporary, situational or permanent. They can be neurological, cognitive, and neurodevelopmental as well as physical, visual, auditory and include sensory and processing difficulties. They can also be respiratory as well as chronic health conditions such as arthritis and diabetes, chronic pain, and sleep disorders.

Passengers can discreetly pick- up a lanyard from the volunteer information booths located in baggage claim and the ticket counter level or from their airline agent at the ticket counter. For more information about the program and a list of hidden disabilities, visit


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