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Pet Therapy Teams Provide Comfort for Travelers

April 4, 2014
Pet Therapy Teams Provide Comfort for Travelers

Feeling a bit frazzled from the demands of air travel?  A little pet therapy might help.  On Friday, April 4, twelve starter teams began working at the airport providing comfort and stress relief to travelers and visitors. These teams are volunteers with Human Animal Link of Oklahoma, or H.A.L.O., a nonprofit foundation dedicated to the use of qualified pets as a resource to promote health and wellness.  The two-member dog and owner teams will work in all areas of the airport terminal.

“Pets offer us moments of joy and peace,” says H.A.L.O. Executive Director, Terri Smith.  “The experience of quality interaction with a non- judgmental team can be of benefit to the many visitors at Will Rogers.  People in the airport setting may be stressed from traveling; others may be experiencing anxiety for totally different reasons.  Either way, our teams provide an opportunity to brighten spirits for those of all ages.”

H.A.L.O. dogs are easily identifiable in yellow vests with patches stating, “Ask to Pet Me; I’m Friendly!”  H.A.L.O teams do not approach people without invitation, but allow those interested to come to them.

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