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By: Oklahoma City Dept. of Airports

Your Oklahoma driver's license will be an acceptable form of ID until January 22, 2018.

The state of Oklahoma has been notified that it will not receive an extension to comply with the REAL ID Act.  How does this impact your air travel? For now, and until January 22, 2018, your Oklahoma driver’s license will continue to be an acceptable form of ID to board a commercial aircraft  Starting January 30, 2017 federal agencies will be prohibited from accepting Oklahoma driver’s licenses for official purposes.

Beginning January 22, 2018, passengers with driver’s licenses or identification cards issued by the state of Oklahoma will need to show another acceptable form of identification for domestic air travel.  

More information about the REAL ID enforcement can be found on the Department of Homeland Security website. You can also visit the DHS Rumor Control page for updates.



OKLAHOMA CITY, November 16, 2016 – All airlines at Will Rogers World Airport have returned to their regular flight schedules today.  Most passengers whose flights were cancelled or significantly delayed yesterday have been rebooked for today.  In all, there were 25 cancellations on Tuesday; ten arrivals and fifteen departures.

24 Southwest employees from Tulsa, Dallas and Phoenix traveled overnight to assist the OKC Southwest staff in the difficult task of restarting WRWA operations this morning.

The loss is felt by staff throughout the airport who worked side-by-side with Oklahoma City Police, Southwest Airlines and other airport tenants until the airport reopened and operations resumed.

“On behalf of the airport, we offer our heartfelt condolences to the Winchester family,” says Mark Kranenburg, Airports Director.   “Our sympathies also go out to the Oklahoma City Southwest Airlines team who are coping with the loss of a co-worker and friend.  The airport commits its full support to Southwest as they deal with this tragedy.  They are part of our entire airport family and we share their grief.”

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By: Oklahoma City Dept. of Airports


 Oklahoma City Police have notified the airport that lower level of Terminal Drive is now reopened for public traffic.  People coming to the airport to pick up, drop off, or park can now use this route.  The upper level is still closed to through traffic.



Operations Are Slowly Returning to Normal

Will Rogers World Airport – November 15, 2016  At approximately 12:55 p.m. today, Airport Police received a call of shots fired on airport property.  Oklahoma City Police responded quickly and discovered Michael Winchester, a Southwest Airlines employee, had been shot on a sidewalk located away from the terminal.  The police responded quickly, determining that it was not an active shooter situation.  After that, police began a more expansive sweep of the crime scene area, parking garages, and the terminal to ensure all areas were safe and secure.  All tenants, passengers and visitors were advised to shelter in place.

At approximately 1:46 p.m. air traffic control implemented a ground stop for all aircraft into the airport.  Roadways in to the airport were also barricaded to all inbound and outbound traffic.  Police also swept the terminal building at approximately 5:30 p.m.    Passengers were asked to exit the concourse and wait until all was clear.  At that time, passengers were released to leave the airport or be re-screened.   The ground stop was lifted and aircraft operations were resumed at 6:00 p.m.  

Operations are slowing returning to normal.  Arriving passengers are able to get their vehicles in all of the parking areas.  Taxis, shuttles and the rental car buses are also operating.  However, due to the crime scene investigation, Terminal Drive is closed at Amelia Earhart prohibiting the public from accessing the terminal for pickup and drop-off.

 For now, people coming to the terminal to pick up passengers are being directed to the cell phone waiting lot at Meridian Avenue and 67th Street.  There they can wait for shuttle buses to bring arriving passengers.  We anticipate the roadway will open later tonight.

 Twenty five flights, 15 of which were Southwest Airlines, were cancelled due to the day’s events.   Passengers were advised to contact their airline for rebooking.  No WRWA carrier is charging change fees for rebooking flights.  All airlines are planning on regular operations tomorrow.


Air travelers should be aware that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is banned from all air transportation in the United States.  The ban, issued by the Department of Transportation along with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), prohibits the Galaxy Note 7 from being carried on your person, in a carry-on bag or in checked luggage.  Any passenger found with a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be denied boarding. The phone also cannot be shipped as air cargo.   

The ban went into effect on Saturday, October 15 after a number of the Samsung devices unexplainably caught fire, including a recent incident on a commercial aircraft.  The manufacturer has recalled all of the devices including replacement devices and suspended production. 

More information can be found at https://www.transportation.gov/briefing-room/dot-bans-all-samsung-galaxy-note7-phones-airplanes


Check for Firearms in Carry-On Bags

By: Oklahoma City Dept. of Airports



As travelers gear up for the Labor Day holiday, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has a reminder:  Leave your gun at home.

It seems obvious, but over the last several weeks, TSA has discovered a record-breaking number of firearms in traveler’s carry-on bags.  Eighty-one firearms were discovered nationally from August 12th through August 18th; 70 of those firearms were loaded.  The previous record, 78 firearms, was set just one week earlier.  In Oklahoma City, five guns were discovered during the month of August.  All five firearms were loaded.

The rise in numbers is concerning.  Firearms and ammunition are, and have always been, strictly forbidden at the checkpoint and in any carry-on item.  A gun found at the checkpoint will cause more than just a little inconvenience for a traveler.  Upon discovery, a police officer is called to the checkpoint initiating an official investigation.  The gun is booked into police property, which may be claimed at a later date depending on the outcome of the investigation.  The person with the firearm is subject to a civil penalty up to $11,000, and depending upon the circumstances, arrest and criminal prosecution.  If the traveler is enrolled in the TSA Pre-Check program, those privileges are suspended.

Firearms and ammunition may be transported legally in checked baggage.  The firearm must be unloaded and in a locked hard-sided container.  The traveler must declare the firearm to the airline when checking the item.  More information about transporting firearms and ammunition can be found at tsa.gov.  

As always, travelers are advised to inspect their checked luggage and all carry-ons for any prohibited items prior to coming to the airport.  



TSA PreCheck at WRWA

By: Oklahoma City Dept. of Airports

Read more about the temporary TSA Pre✓® Enrollment Center, available August 22 - September 2 (details) on the public side of the terminal building, here at WRWA!


S. Portland Ave. Road Closure

By: Oklahoma City Dept. of Airports


Temporary Closure of South Portland Avenue Between SW 54th and SW 74th Streets

 Beginning Monday, June 6, South Portland Avenue between SW 54th and SW 74th streets will be temporarily closed to through traffic.  Daily commuters should avoid the area and use one of the alternate routes listed below.  During the closure, customers and employees of Field Aerospace and Atlantic Aviation, both located on South Portland Avenue, will only have access to the facilities from SW 74th Street.

 The temporary closure is necessary to complete water drainage infrastructure under South Portland Avenue. The infrastructure improvement is part of the South Portland Avenue relocation between SW 104th St. and SW 54th.

 It is anticipated that the road will be closed approximately one month, dependent on weather.

 Alternate routes:

  • Southbound travelers should use I-44 and exit on SW 74th Street.  From there, drivers can continue southbound on Portland Avenue or north to access Field Aerospace and Atlantic Aviation.
  • Northbound travelers should use I-44 and exit on SW 59th Street.  Field Aerospace and Atlantic Aviation will not be accessible from the north.

Travel Alert: Arrive Early & Travel Smart

By: Oklahoma City Dept. of Airports

The TSA, airlines and airport staff continue to remind all travelers to arrive at least 1.5 hours early for domestic flights and 2 hours early for international flights. See the following for additional ways to Arrive Early & Travel Smart:

The Five Most Common Mistakes People Make at the TSA Security Checkpoint: 

1. Arriving late to the airport.

2. Bringing overstuffed carry-ons.

3. Liquids and gels are more than 3.4 ounces and not in a single clear quart-sized bag.

4. Not removing the items the TSA officer tells you to remove (belt, watch, hoodie …)

5. Not having the proper ID or having an expired ID.

Five Tips to Get Screened Faster: 

1. Shed Your Shoes.  Place them in the bin.  Slip-ons make this process easy. Ages 12 and under and 75 or older do not need to remove their shoes.

2. Your Bling Makes it Ding.  Remove all jewelry, watches and belts to avoid setting off the alarms.  Place those items in your carry-on bag so you don’t forget to pick them up.  Avoid wearing clothing with studs or other “bling.”  

3. 3 Is the Magic Number.  Make sure all your liquids and gels are 3.4 ounces or less and in a clear quart-sized bag.  Place the bag in a bin.

4. Lose Those Layers.  Remove your outerwear which includes sports coats, jackets, hoodies and scarves. 

5. Check Your Tech.  Remove all laptops and large electronics from your carry-on luggage and place in a separate bin.  Cell phones, readers and small tablets can stay in your bag. 


Where can I get enrolled in TSA Pre✓®?

By: Oklahoma City Dept. of Airports

Visit our Current Event page to learn more about the Year-Round TSA Pre✓® Application Center in #OKC. 


All Rental Customers: Car Rental Center NOW OPEN!

By: Oklahoma City Dept. of Airports

The new Will Rogers World Airport Car Rental Center is NOW OPEN, located just north of the terminal at 5201 S. Meridian Avenue.  Nine companies have opened operations to the public today (Wednesday, March 2).

Rental car customers are being transported to and from the airport terminal by our new, 35-foot CNG-powered buses. From the terminal, customers can find the shuttle bus on the outside lane of our transportation plaza. Just follow the signs leading from the baggage level. 

The new facility more than doubles the number of ready-return car rental spaces, meeting travelers growing demand for airport rental car services.

The facility includes a 19,000 square-foot customer service building, enhanced pick-up areas for loyalty patrons, an inner loop providing easier ingress and egress for customers, and four quick-turn-around areas for fueling, car wash and maintenance.  


Airlines Prohibit Hoverboards

By: Oklahoma City Dept. of Airports

Hoverboards prohibited on all commercial carriers operating at WRWA. Effective immediately, hoverboards are no longer allowed on any commercial flights operating out of WRWA. The instability of the lithium batteries and potential fire hazard have created safety concerns for aircraft.  The mobility recreation devices have become one of the most popular gift items for Christmas this year. The devices cannot be checked or carried on any commercial flight that operates here at Will Rogers World Airport. This decision is not limited to Will Rogers World Airport. If you travel and receive a hoverboard as a gift while on your trip, you will be required to ship the item back to yourself or find some other means of getting the hoverboard home.  If you have questions or comments regarding hoverboards, please contact your airline. The airlines operating commercially at WRWA include: Alaska, Allegiant, American, Delta, Southwest and United.


Flight Tracking Features on flyokc.com

By: Oklahoma City Dept. of Airports

For years, the Trak-A-Flight tool on flyokc.com Flight Tracker has given travelers, friends and families the ability to monitor the status of a flight without the inconvenience of standing in front of an information monitor. By entering an airline name and flight number, a user can see the location of a flight – in the air, arriving or still at its original destination. Now two new features added to flyokc.com Flight Tracker are making it even easier to keep tabs on a flight.

First is the Airport Delays tool. Tailored specifically to show airports served from Will Rogers World Airport (WRWA), this new tool shows a green status for an airport with minimal delays. Yellow or red are shown when delays are more severe. The severity of the delays will differ from airport to airport. If a yellow or red status is shown, users can gather more specific information by following the social media accounts and by visiting the websites of those airports.

Second, sometimes it helps just to see the location of a plane and whether or not it is en route to its destination. Trak-A-Flight can provide the location of one plane, but the new Air Traffic tool shows the locations for all planes currently arriving and departing WRWA. In addition, rain and snow conditions are included giving users a helpful picture of their flight’s status.

These new tools, along with Trak-A-Flight, make it easy to follow the status of flights at WRWA. This is especially helpful during the winter season when wintry weather can snarl airline schedules across the U.S. Whether taking a flight or picking up friends and family, let flyokc.com Flight Tracker keep you informed.