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November 15, 2016

Operations Are Slowly Returning to Normal

Will Rogers World Airport – November 15, 2016 At approximately 12:55 p.m. today, Airport Police received a call of shots fired on airport property. Oklahoma City Police responded quickly and discovered Michael Winchester, a Southwest Airlines employee, had been shot on a sidewalk located away from the terminal. The police responded quickly, determining that it was not an active shooter situation. After that, police began a more expansive sweep of the crime scene area, parking garages, and the terminal to ensure all areas were safe and secure. All tenants, passengers and visitors were advised to shelter in place.

At approximately 1:46 p.m. air traffic control implemented a ground stop for all aircraft into the airport. Roadways in to the airport were also barricaded to all inbound and outbound traffic. Police also swept the terminal building at approximately 5:30 p.m. Passengers were asked to exit the concourse and wait until all was clear. At that time, passengers were released to leave the airport or be rescreened. The ground stop was lifted and aircraft operations were resumed at 6:00 p.m.

Operations are slowing returning to normal. Arriving passengers are able to get their vehicles in all of the parking areas. Taxis, shuttles and the rental car buses are also operating. However, due to the crime scene investigation, Terminal Drive is closed at Amelia Earhart prohibiting the public from accessing the terminal for pickup and drop-off.

For now, people coming to the terminal to pick up passengers are being directed to the cell phone waiting lot at Meridian Avenue and 67th Street. There they can wait for shuttle buses to bring arriving passengers. We anticipate the roadway will open later tonight.

Twenty five flights, 15 of which were Southwest Airlines, were cancelled due to the day’s events. Passengers were advised to contact their airline for rebooking. No WRWA carrier is charging change fees for rebooking flights. All airlines are planning on regular operations tomorrow.