People in OKC Airport

Terminal Advertising


All in-terminal advertising is managed by Clear Channel Airports (CCA). Clear Channel Airports has designed a program unique to Will Rogers World Airport.

The concept behind the program is to showcase businesses, attractions, and character of the region. In 2010, CCA launched the Community and Corporate Showcase program with an array of new display options that utilize new technologies as well as upgraded versions of the old classics. The innovative designs maximize the visual advertising effects on the 3.8 million passengers, who utilize the terminal each year. Some advertising options include:

  • Tension Fabric Displays: Stretched vinyl fabric held in by a thin metal frame allows individual companies to make a dominant, stand out impression.
  • DPASS: This Digital Passenger Assistance Service System allows travelers to search and directly connect to area accommodations, restaurants, and attractions from the local area through the use of touch screen kiosks.
  • LCD Network: A combination of 57” and 70” commercial grade LCD units throughout the arrivals and bag claim area provide hi-definition advertising and the flexibility to change out artwork without incurring artwork production costs.
  • Flysmart Mobile Phone Application: A brand new application for smart phones allows travelers direct-connect access to local business even once they leave the airport property. Flysmart works as an extension of our DPASS unit.

For more information on how to have your business represented, please contact:
Melissa Cleary at 800.628.6800 ext. 46147