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Winter Weather Parking at WRWA

December 21, 2022

If you must park for an extended amount of time at WRWA, or just plan to drive to WRWA for a drop-off or pick-up, below tips can ensure you and your loved ones are prepared. 

Before You Arrive:

1.) Check the weather and your route before you head to WRWA

2.) Have a safety checkup done on your vehicle and make sure tires, brakes and windshield wipers are in good working order

3.) Keep the gas tank at least half full

4.) Have an emergency kit in the trunk, tool kit or combi tool, ice scraper, shovel, ice melt, rock salt or cat litter, windshield washer fluid, first aid kit, compass

5.) Check your tires to ensure proper inflation and tread depth for winter weather driving

6.) Let someone know where you are going and notify them when you arrive

When You Park at WRWA:

1.) Choose a different parking space if you detect ice before exiting the vehicle

2.) Walk slowly, keeping your hands free for balance

3.) Take a photo of where you parked to help you locate your vehicle when you return.

4.) Avoid distracted walking

When You Return to WRWA:

The extreme cold temperatures will occasionally drain the battery in your vehicle. Should you need a jump start, contact ABM Parking at 405-316- 3250 to request courtesy patrol. ABM Parking is open 24/7.

For the latest information on where to park and cost visit